Characterization of SiC PiN diode forward bias degradation

  title={Characterization of SiC PiN diode forward bias degradation},
  author={A. Hefner and Ty R. McNutt and Adwoa Akuffo and Rupender Singh and C. Ellenwood and D. Berning and M. Das and J. J. Sumakeris and R. E. Stahlbush},
  journal={Conference Record of the 2004 IEEE Industry Applications Conference, 2004. 39th IAS Annual Meeting.},
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An automated test system is developed and utilized to electrically monitor the emitter, base, and end region excess carrier lifetimes at periodic intervals during the forward bias stress of SiC PiN power diodes. The test system uses a specialized diode switching circuit, computer-controlled instrumentation, and model parameter extraction software. This lifetime measurement method is used to monitor diodes with degradation times ranging from one minute to over several hundred hours, and diodes… CONTINUE READING