Characterization of SPECTRUM Variable Nicotine Research Cigarettes.

  title={Characterization of SPECTRUM Variable Nicotine Research Cigarettes.},
  author={Patricia A. Richter and Pappas R Steven and Roberto Bravo and Joseph G Lisko and Maria Damian and Nathalie Gonzalez-Jimenez and Naudia Gray and Lisa Mari Keong and Jacob B Kimbrell and Peter Kuklenyik and Tameka S Lawler and Grace E Lee and Magaly I Mendez and Jose Luis Jim{\'e}nez P{\'e}rez and Shakia Smith and Hang Tran and Robert E. Tyx and Clifford H. Watson},
  journal={Tobacco regulatory science},
  volume={2 2},
OBJECTIVE To provide researchers an extensive characterization of the SPECTRUM variable nicotine research cigarettes. METHODS Data on cigarette physical properties, nicotine content, harmful and potentially harmful constituents in the tobacco filler was compiled. RESULTS Data on physical properties, concentrations of menthol, nicotine and minor alkaloids, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ammonia, and toxic metals in the filler tobacco for all available… CONTINUE READING
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