Characterization of Rab23, a negative regulator of sonic hedgehog signaling.

  title={Characterization of Rab23, a negative regulator of sonic hedgehog signaling.},
  author={Timothy M Evans and Fiona Simpson and Robert G. Parton and Carol Wicking},
  journal={Methods in enzymology},
The hedgehog signaling pathway is indispensable in embryogenesis, being responsible for the development of a wide array of vertebrate organs. Given its importance in embryogenesis, the precise regulation of hedgehog signaling is crucial. Aberrant activation of this pathway in postnatal life has been associated with a number of tumor types, reinforcing the role of developmental signaling pathways in tumorigenesis. The small GTPase Rab23 acts as a negative regulator of the hedgehog signaling… CONTINUE READING
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