Characterization of Proteinase-3 ( PR3 ) , a Neutrophil Serine Proteinase

  title={Characterization of Proteinase-3 ( PR3 ) , a Neutrophil Serine Proteinase},
  author={Narayanam and A V Rao and Nancy G. Wehnere and Bruce and Marshall and William R. GrayT and Beulah H. Gray and John R. Hoidal},
Proteinase 3 (PR-3) is a human polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMNL) serine proteinase that degrades elastin in vitro and causes emphysema when administered by tracheal insufflation to hamsters (Kao, R. C., Wehner, N. G., Skubitz, K. M., Gray, B. H., and Hoidal, J. R. (1988) J. CZin. Invest. 82, 1963-1973). We have determined the primary structure of… CONTINUE READING