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Characterization of Pregelatinized and Heat Moisture Treated Rice Flours

  title={Characterization of Pregelatinized and Heat Moisture Treated Rice Flours},
  author={Chuleekorn Wadchararat and Masubon Thongngam and Onanong Naivikul},
Three rice varieties; Chai Nat 1, Khao Dawk Mali 105 and RD 6 (28.72, 16.46 and 5.54% amylose content, respectively) were modified by pregelatinization (pregel) and heat moisture treatment (HMT) method. Pregelatinized flour was prepared by passing 40% rice flour solution through drum dryer, which conditions were set at 20 lb/inch2 of steam pressure, 0.25 rpm of drum dryer speed and 0.01 inches of drum dryer gap. The modification of rice flour by HMT method was prepared by adjusting rice flour… 

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