Characterization of PGE2 receptors in fetal and newborn ductus arteriosus in the pig.


We compared the total density and the relative expression of EP receptor (EP) subtypes in ductus arteriosus (DA) of the newborn with that of the fetal piglet. Saturation binding experiments showed 3-fold less PGE2 receptors in the newborn than in the fetus because of loss of EP3 and EP4 receptors thus explaining, at least partly, the reduced responsiveness to PGE2 of the newborn DA. Displacement experiments showed that the relative proportions of EP2, EP3, and EP4 were similar in the fetal DA but only EP2 was detected in the DA of the newborn pig. Hence, PGE2 effects in the newborn DA seem to be exclusively mediated by EP2 receptors both in vitro and in vivo. These findings may help to propose more specific therapies for regulation of DA's tone in certain newborns for whom conventional therapy is contraindicated.


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