Characterization of PARIS LaBr3(Ce)-NaI(Tl) phoswich detectors up to Eγ ∼ 22 MeV

  title={Characterization of PARIS LaBr3(Ce)-NaI(Tl) phoswich detectors up to E$\gamma$ ∼ 22 MeV},
  author={Chanchal Ghosh and V. Nanal and R. G. Pillay and K. V. Anoop and Neha Dokania and Sanjoy Pal and M. S. Pose and Gaurav Mishra and Paresh C. Rout and Suresh Kumar and Deepak Kr. Pandit and Debasish Mondal and Surajit Pal and S. R. Banerjee and P. J. Napiorkowski and O. Dorvaux and Safia Kihel and C. Mathieu and A. Maj},
  journal={Journal of Instrumentation},
  pages={P05023 - P05023}
In order to understand the performance of the PARIS (Photon Array for the studies with Radioactive Ion and Stable beams) detector, detailed characterization of two individual phoswich (LaBr3(Ce)-NaI(Tl)) elements has been carried out. The detector response is investigated over a wide range of Eγ = 0.6 to 22.6 MeV using radioactive sources and employing 11B(p,γ) reaction at Ep = 163 keV and Ep = 7.2 MeV . The linearity of energy response of the LaBr3(Ce) detector is tested upto 22.6 MeV using… 
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