Characterization of P2 receptors in thymic epithelial cells.

  title={Characterization of P2 receptors in thymic epithelial cells.},
  author={Rodrigo da Cunha Bisaggio and Oscar Kenji Nihei and Pedro Muanis Persechini and Wilson Savino and Luiz Anast{\'a}cio Alves},
  journal={Cellular and molecular biology},
  volume={47 1},
The presence of P2 receptors was investigated in three distinct preparations of murine thymic epithelial cells (TEC): 2BH4 murine cell line, IT45-R1 rat cell line, and a primary murine cell derived from the Nurse cell lympho-epithelial complex. In all preparations, application of ATP to the extracellular milieu triggered intracellular calcium signals indicating the presence of P2 receptor(s) in these cells. After an initial peak of calcium concentration, a plateau phase that could last more… CONTINUE READING
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