Characterization of Nuclear Scintigraphic and Magnetic Resonance Imaging in horses with Proximal

  • Natalie R . Zdimal, Carter E . Judy, Travis C . Saveraid, DACVR Doug J . Herthel
  • Published 2012


Comparison of nuclear scintigraphy and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging abnormalities related to the proximal aspect of the metacarpal or metatarsal regions in 26 horses were reviewed to determine if there was any association between Increased Radioactive Uptake (IRU) patterns with a specific diagnosis based on MRI findings. It was hypothesized that there would be no correlation between the degree of IRU in the proximal palmar (plantar) aspect of the third metacarpal (metatarsal) bone and the specific diagnosis based off of MR imaging. Assessment of radiopharmaceutical uptake patterns of the scintigraphic images were done using region of interest analysis. Significance between these regions were calculated and the severity was objectively and subjectively graded. Correlation coefficients were calculated comparing the severity of scintigraphic lesions to MRI abnormalities. This was further subdivided into soft tissue and hard tissue pathology and subsequently correlated. Horses with both soft tissue injuries and bone injuries each diagnosed by MRI had a relatively poor correlation with nuclear scintigraphic findings. Trends were noted with mild scintigraphy horses having a tendency to more likely represent suspensory ligament pathology alone, and more severe scintigraphy findings being more likely to represent a combination of osseous and ligamentous pathology. However, based on the results of this study, the degree of uptake does not specifically indicate the character, specific structures involved, or the severity of the pathology of the region, and additional diagnostics are necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

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