Characterization of Nanosilver Dry Films for High-Temperature Applications

  title={Characterization of Nanosilver Dry Films for High-Temperature Applications},
  author={Benoit Thollin and Laurent Mendizabal and David Henry and Rabih Khazaka and Romy D. Hanna},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability},
Nanosilver paste seems to be one of the most promising lead-free die-attach alternatives. The emergence of this technology is mainly due to the desired characteristics of the joint, such as high electrical and thermal conductivities, low elastic modulus offering a good thermomechanical reliability, low process temperature, and high operating temperature. Compared to traditional paste sintering, dry films are more appropriate for large area, do not need a drying process, and reduce the short… CONTINUE READING


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