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Characterization of Muon and Electron Beams in the Paul Scherrer Institute PiM1 Channel for the MUSE Experiment

  title={Characterization of Muon and Electron Beams in the Paul Scherrer Institute PiM1 Channel for the MUSE Experiment},
  author={E. Cline and W. Lin and P. Roy and P E Reimer and Katherine Elizabeth Mesick and A. Akmal and Alexandre Ali{\'e} and H Atac and Ariella Atencio and Carlos Ayerbe Gayoso and Nawal Benmouna and Fatiha Benmokhtar and Jan C. Bernauer and William J. Briscoe and J. Campbell and D. Cohen and E. O. Cohen and Cristina Collicott and K. Deiters and S. Dogra and E. J. Downie and I. P. Fernando and Andrea Flannery and Thir Narayan Gautam and Debdeep Ghosal and R. Gilman and Alexander Golossanov and Britta Halter and Jodi E. Hirschman and Y. Ilieva and M. Kim and Michael Kohl and B. Krusche and I. V. Lavrukhin and L. Li and B. Liang-Gilman and Anusha Liyanage and Wolfgang Lorenzon and Prajwal Mohanmurthy and Rizwaan Jameel Mokal and P. Moran and S. J. Nazeer and P. Or and Tanvi Patel and Eli Piasetzky and T. Rauber and Richard Stephen Raymond and Davide Reggiani and H. Reid and G. Ron and Elizabeth Rooney and Tigran Rostomyan and Mario Schwarz and Ann McCloud Sneath and Peter G. Solazzo and N Sparveris and Noah Steinberg and S. Strauch and Vincent A. Sulkosky and Noah Wuerfel},
E. Cline, 2, ∗ W. Lin, P. Roy, P. E. Reimer, K. E. Mesick, A. Akmal, A. Alie, H. Atac, A. Atencio, C. Ayerbe Gayoso, † N. Benmouna, F. Benmokhtar, J. C. Bernauer, 9 W. J. Briscoe, J. Campbell, 12 D. Cohen, E. O. Cohen, C. Collicott, K. Deiters, S. Dogra, E. Downie, I. P. Fernando, ‡ A. Flannery, T. Gautam, D. Ghosal, R. Gilman, A. Golossanov, B. F. Halter, J. Hirschman, Y. Ilieva, M. Kim, M. Kohl, B. Krusche, I. Lavrukhin, L. Li, B. Liang-Gilman, A. Liyanage, W. Lorenzon, P. Mohanmurthy, § R… Expand


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