Characterization of HIV replication complexes early after cell-to-cell infection.

  title={Characterization of HIV replication complexes early after cell-to-cell infection.},
  author={Litsa Karageorgos and P Li and Christopher J. Burrell},
  journal={AIDS research and human retroviruses},
  volume={9 9},
In this study, we have characterized the HIV DNA-containing replication complexes present in cells early after cell-to-cell infection, using sucrose gradient sedimentation and immunoprecipitation. Six hours after cell-to-cell infection, a cytoplasmic HIV replication complex sedimented as a large structure (320S). This replication complex was precipitated by antisera to three virus-coded enzymes (reverse transcriptase, integrase, protease), to the matrix protein (p17), and to cellular histones… CONTINUE READING
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