Characterization of-Glucan Recognition Site on C-Type Lectin , Dectin 1

  title={Characterization of-Glucan Recognition Site on C-Type Lectin , Dectin 1},
  author={Yoshiyuki Adachi and Takashi Ishii and Y Ikeda and Akiyoshi Hoshino and Hiroshi Tamura and Jun Aketagawa and Shigenori Tanaka and Naohito Ohno},
Dectin 1 is a mammalian cell surface receptor for (133)-D-glucans. Since (133)-D-glucans are commonly present on fungal cell walls, it has been suggested that dectin 1 is important for recognizing fungal invasion. In this study we tried to deduce the amino acid residues in dectin 1 responsible for -glucan recognition. HEK293 cells transfected with mouse dectin 1 cDNA could bind to a gel-forming (133)-Dglucan, schizophyllan (SPG). The binding of SPG to a dectin 1 transfectant was inhibited by… CONTINUE READING

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We prepared 32 point mutants with mutations in the CRD and analyzed their binding to SPG .
Monoclonal antibody 4B2 , a dectin1 monoclonal antibody which had a blocking effect on the -glucan interaction , completely failed to bind the dectin-1 mutant W221A. A mutant with mutations in Trp and His did not have a collaborative effect on Toll - like receptor 2-mediated cellular activation in response to zymosan .
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