Characterization of GDF-10 expression patterns and null mice.

  title={Characterization of GDF-10 expression patterns and null mice.},
  author={Richard Y Zhao and Ann M. Lawler and Seung Joon Lee},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={212 1},
Growth/differentiation factor-10 (GDF-10) is a TGF-beta family member highly related to bone morphogenetic protein-3. In order to determine the biological function of GDF-10, we carried out a detailed analysis of the expression pattern of GDF-10 and characterized GDF-10-null mice that we generated by gene targeting. During embryogenesis GDF-10 is expressed prominently in developing skeletal structures both in the craniofacial region and in the vertebral column. In adult animals, GDF-10 is… CONTINUE READING