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Characterization of Charge-Transfer Adducts of Coal-Tar Pitches

  title={Characterization of Charge-Transfer Adducts of Coal-Tar Pitches},
  author={M. Sato and Yukio Matsui and K Fujimoto and NipponSteel},
Benzene soluble and tricNorobenzene soluble fractions of coaliar pi-tE6 were divided into two fraetions each aceonding to their ability to form eharge-transfer adducts with picric aeid. Each fraction was characterized by ESR, GC-MS and NMB, and studied their thermal reactivities. In the case of the fractiors whieh readily formed adducts with picric acid, the study by ESR showed that these fractions had more unpaired electrors than the others, and the study by GC-MS showed that the fractiors… 

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