Characterization of Candida species from Intensive Care Unit Isolates in a Tertiary Care Centre in North-East India: A retrospective study


Background: Fungi have emerged as major causes of human diseases. Intensive Care Units (ICU), harbor almost all the risk factors for opportunistic fungal infections. Among these, Candida infections are very common with recent trends being rise in the non-Candida albicans (NCA) species along with an increase in resistance of these species to antifungal drugs. Aims: To characterize the Candida species from the clinical specimens of patients admitted in the ICU of Tertiary Care Centre in North-East India and to perform their antifungal susceptibility. Settings and Design: This retrospective study was conducted in the Department of Microbiology from January 2011 to December 2011. Materials and Methods: The following techniques were employed to characterize the isolates in the study – KOH mount, Gram’s stain, India ink preparation, culture on Sabouraud’s Dextrose Agar, Germ Tube test, Urea hydrolysis, morphology in Cornmeal Agar and chromogenic agar media, sugar fermentation and sugar assimilation tests and automated identification system, and the results were interpreted using standard protocols. Statistical Analysis Used: SPSS version 17.0 was used for all statistical computations and P < 0.05 was taken as significant. Results: Out of 85 Candida isolates, Candida tropicalis (38%) was the most common, in all age groups. Infections were more common in patients above 40 years and males were affected more than females. NCA species were more resistant to fluconazole than C. albicans. Conclusions: The study highlights the change in epidemiology in the species distribution of Candida and a rise in infections by NCA species as compared to those by C. albicans. Knowledge of the local species distribution of Candida along with their antifungal susceptibility is essential to initiate and optimize therapy and outcome, especially in an ICU setup, which harbors patients susceptible to fungal infections.

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