Characterization of Bunyamwera virus defective interfering particles.

  title={Characterization of Bunyamwera virus defective interfering particles.},
  author={Arvind H Patel and Richard M. Elliott},
  journal={The Journal of general virology},
  volume={73 ( Pt 2)},
In an attempt to isolate conditional lethal amber nonsense mutants of Bunyamwera virus, five variants were found which produced small plaques on BHK and mouse L cells. Characterization of these variants by Northern blotting showed that they synthesized defective (subgenomic) RNAs derived from the L RNA segment. No subgenomic M or S segment RNAs were detected. The defective L RNAs were shown to be packaged into virus particles, and four of five preparations caused interference with the… CONTINUE READING


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