Characterization of ζ-associated protein, 70 kd (ZAP70)-deficient human lymphocytes.

  title={Characterization of ζ-associated protein, 70 kd (ZAP70)-deficient human lymphocytes.},
  author={Chaim M. Roifman and Harjit K Dadi and Raz Somech and Amit Nahum and Nigel Sharfe},
  journal={The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={126 6},
BACKGROUND ζ-associated protein, 70 kd (ZAP70), deficiency in human subjects results in a combined immunodeficiency characterized by normal numbers of circulating CD4 T cells and CD8 lymphocytopenia. Patients who live beyond infancy can also experience autoimmune manifestations. OBJECTIVES We sought to further characterize the nature of the T-cell populations found in ZAP70-deficient patients and explored the mechanisms that might predispose them to autoimmunity. METHODS T-cell development… CONTINUE READING