Characterization and removal of DNAPL from sand and clay layered media.

  title={Characterization and removal of DNAPL from sand and clay layered media.},
  author={Nancy Kay Hayden and John Diebold and Cara M. Farrell and Julie C. Laible and Ralph Stacey},
  journal={Journal of contaminant hydrology},
  volume={86 1-2},
Important characterization and remediation techniques (e.g. partitioning tracer tests (PTT), cosolvent and surfactant flushing) have been developed over the years to deal with dense nonaqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) sources in the saturated zone. Unfortunately, subsurface media layering and heterogeneity pose a major challenge to the efficiency of these and other techniques that rely on flushing fluids through porous media. Using laboratory column experiments with both single media and layered… CONTINUE READING