Characterization and purification of bacteriophages using chromatofocusing.

  title={Characterization and purification of bacteriophages using chromatofocusing.},
  author={Kurt A. Brorson and Hong Shen and Scott C Lute and Jessica Soto P{\'e}rez and Douglas D. Frey},
  journal={Journal of chromatography. A},
  volume={1207 1-2},
The technique of chromatofocusing was applied to the characterization and purification of three bacteriophages that are routinely used for testing virus filters: phiX174, PR772, and PP7. Chemically well-defined eluent buffers were used, instead of the more commonly used chromatofocusing polyampholyte buffers. Chromatographic column packings were selected to minimize band broadening by confining bacteriophage adsorption solely to the exterior particle surface. Under the conditions used it was… CONTINUE READING
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