Characterization and modelling of Langmuir interfaces with finite elasticity.


Interfaces differ from bulk materials in many ways, one particular aspect is that they are compressible. Changing the area per molecule or per particle changes the thermodynamic state variables such as surface pressure. Yet, when compressing to high surface pressures, dense packing of the interfacial species induces phase transitions, with highly structured… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c7sm01100h


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@article{Pepicelli2017CharacterizationAM, title={Characterization and modelling of Langmuir interfaces with finite elasticity.}, author={Martina Pepicelli and Tom Verwijlen and Theo A. Tervoort and Jan Vermant}, journal={Soft matter}, year={2017}, volume={13 35}, pages={5977-5990} }