Characterization and in vivo functional analysis of splice variants of cypher.

  title={Characterization and in vivo functional analysis of splice variants of cypher.},
  author={Chengqun Huang and Qiang Zhou and Peihua Liang and Melinda S. Hollander and Farah Sheikh and Xiaodong Li and Marion Greaser and Gloria Diane Shelton and Sylvia Evans and Ju Chen},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={278 9},
Previously, we reported two splice variants of Cypher, a striated muscle-specific PDZLIM domain protein, Cypher1 and Cypher2. We have now characterized four additional splice isoforms, two of which are novel. The six isoforms can be divided into skeletal or cardiac specific classes, based on the inclusion of skeletal or cardiac specific domains. Short and long isoforms share an N-terminal PDZ domain, but the three C-terminal LIM domains are unique to long isoforms. By RNA and protein analysis… CONTINUE READING