Characterization and identification of a "mystery" oil spill from Quebec (1999).

  title={Characterization and identification of a "mystery" oil spill from Quebec (1999).},
  author={Zhendi Wang and Merv Fingas and Lise Sigouin},
  journal={Journal of chromatography. A},
  volume={909 2},
This paper describes a case study in which advanced chemical fingerprinting and data interpretation techniques were used to characterize the chemical compositions and determine the source of an unknown spilled oil from Quebec. On 28 February 1999, significant amounts of oil was reported on the river banks of St. Laurence River in front of a company named "Thermex" (in a town - Beauharnois, Quebec, about 50 km northwest of Montreal). The spilled oil was suspected to be released from a nearby… CONTINUE READING
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