Characterization and evaluation of similarity measures for pairs of clusterings

  title={Characterization and evaluation of similarity measures for pairs of clusterings},
  author={D. Pfitzner and R. Leibbrandt and D. Powers},
  journal={Knowledge and Information Systems},
  • D. Pfitzner, R. Leibbrandt, D. Powers
  • Published 2008
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Knowledge and Information Systems
  • In evaluating the results of cluster analysis, it is common practice to make use of a number of fixed heuristics rather than to compare a data clustering directly against an empirically derived standard, such as a clustering empirically obtained from human informants. Given the dearth of research into techniques to express the similarity between clusterings, there is broad scope for fundamental research in this area. In defining the comparative problem, we identify two types of worst-case… CONTINUE READING
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