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Characterization and Verification of Trotterized Digital Quantum Simulation via Hamiltonian and Liouvillian Learning

  title={Characterization and Verification of Trotterized Digital Quantum Simulation via Hamiltonian and Liouvillian Learning},
  author={Lorenzo Pastori and Tobias Olsacher and C. Kokail and Peter Zoller},
The goal of digital quantum simulation is to approximate the dynamics of a given target Hamiltonian via a sequence of quantum gates, a procedure known as Trotterization. The quality of this approximation can be controlled by the so called Trotter step, that governs the number of required quantum gates per unit simulation time. The stroboscopic dynamics generated by Trotterization is effectively described by a time-independent Hamiltonian, referred to as the Floquet Hamiltonian. In this work, we… 
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