Characterization and Modelling of Various Sized Mountain Bike Tires and the Effects of Tire Tread Knobs and Inflation Pressure

  title={Characterization and Modelling of Various Sized Mountain Bike Tires and the Effects of Tire Tread Knobs and Inflation Pressure},
  author={Andrew Dressel and James Sadauckas},
  journal={Applied Sciences},
Mountain bikes continue to be the largest segment of U.S. bicycle sales, totaling some USD 577.5 million in 2017 alone. One of the distinguishing features of the mountain bike is relatively wide tires with thick, knobby treads. Although some work has been done on characterizing street and commuter bicycle tires, little or no data have been published on off-road bicycle tires. This work presents laboratory measurements of inflated tire profiles, tire contact patch footprints, and force and… Expand
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