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Characterization Tests of WFC 3 Filters

  title={Characterization Tests of WFC 3 Filters},
  author={Sylvia M. Baggett and Rene A. Boucarut and Randal Crawford Telfer and Jessica Kim Quijano and Manuel A. Quijada and Peter Arsenovic and Timothy M. Brown and M. Dailey and Donald F. Figer and George F. Hartig and B. Hilbert and Randy A. Kimble and Olivia L. Lupie and John W. MacKenty and Timothy J. Madison and Massimo Robberto and S. Rice and J. Shu and Jacqueline A. Townsend},
The WFC3 instrument to be installed on HST during the next servicing mission consists of a UVIS and an IR channel. Each channel is allocated its own complement of filters: 48 elements for the UVIS (42 filters, 5 quads, and 1 UV grism) and 17 slots for the IR (15 filters and 2 grisms). While a majority of the UVIS filters exhibit excellent performance consistent with or exceeding expectations, a subset show significant filter ghosts. Procurement of improved replacement filters is in progress and… 

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