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Characterization Of Inpaint Residuals In Interferometric Measurements of the Epoch Of Reionization

  title={Characterization Of Inpaint Residuals In Interferometric Measurements of the Epoch Of Reionization},
  author={Michael D. Pagano and J. Liu and Adrian Liu and Nicholas S. Kern and Aaron M. Ewall-Wice and Philip Bull and Robert Pascua and Siamak Ravanbakhsh and Zara Abdurashidova and Tyrone Adams and James E. Aguirre and Paul Alexander and Zaki S. Ali and Rushelle Baartman and Yanga Balfour and Adam P. Beardsley and Gianni Bernardi and Tashalee S. Billings and Judd D. Bowman and Richard F. Bradley and Jacob Burba and S. H. Carey and Christopher L. Carilli and Carina Cheng and David R. DeBoer and Eloy de Lera Acedo and Matt Dexter and Joshua S. Dillon and Nicole Karen Eksteen and J. A. Ely and Nicolas Fagnoni and Randall Fritz and Steven R. Furlanetto and Kingsley Gale-Sides and B. E. Glendenning and Deepthi Gorthi and Bradley Greig and Jasper Grobbelaar and Ziyaad Halday and Bryna J. Hazelton and Jacqueline N. Hewitt and Jack Hickish and Daniel C. Jacobs and Austin Julius and M. Kariseb and Joshua Kerrigan and Piyanat Kittiwisit and Saul A. Kohn and Matthew Kolopanis and Adam E. Lanman and Paul La Plante and Anita Loots and David Macmahon and Lourence Malan and Cresshim Malgas and Keith Malgas and Bradley Marero and Zachary E. Martinot and Andrei Mesinger and Mathakane Molewa and Miguel F. Morales and Tshegofalang Mosiane and Abraham R. Neben and Bojan Nikoli{\'c} and Hans Nuwegeld and Aaron Parsons and Nipanjana Patra and Samantha Pieterse and Nima Razavi-Ghods and James Robnett and Kathryn Rosie and Peter H Sims and Craig H. Smith and Hilton Swarts and Nithyanandan Thyagarajan and Pieter van Wyngaarden and Peter K. G. Williams and Haoxuan Zheng},
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is one of the systematic challenges preventing 21cm interferometric instruments from detecting the Epoch of Reionization (EoR). To mitigate the effects of RFI on data analysis pipelines, numerous inpaint techniques have been developed to crudely restore RFI corrupted data. In this paper we examine the qualitative and quantitative errors introduced into the visibilities and power spectrum due to inpainting. We perform our analysis on simulated data as well as… 



Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning

The treatment is comprehensive and self-contained, targeted at researchers and students in machine learning and applied statistics, and deals with the supervised learning problem for both regression and classification.