Characteristics of two new reticuloendotheliosis virus isolates of turkeys.


Reticuloendotheliosis (RE) virus strains MN81 and MN67 isolated from epiornithics of RE in turkeys were partially characterized. Strains MN81 and MN67 replicated in chicken embryo fibroblast,duck embryo fibroblast and turkey embryo-fibroblast cultures and produced syncytial cytopathic effects in duck embryo fibroblast and turkey embryo fibroblast cultures. The virions of MN81 and MN67 measured approximately 100 nm in diameter, resembled RE virus strain T, and could be distinguished from avian leukosis viruses morphologically. The buoyant density of strain MN81 was found to be 1.15 g/cm3 in sucrose gradients. Strains MN81 and MN67 were inactivated by heat, acid pH, ether, and chloroform treatments. These strains were serologically unrelated to avian leukosis virus but were related to RE virus strains T, CS, DIA, and SN.

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