Characteristics of the beam injection system in an electron LINAC

  title={Characteristics of the beam injection system in an electron LINAC},
  author={N. Bălţăţeanu and Anca Gheorghiu and Mihai Jurba and E. Popescu},
  • N. Bălţăţeanu, Anca Gheorghiu, +1 author E. Popescu
  • Published 2011
  • Physics
  • Abstract The main characteristics of an electron beam injection system are described; the system is used for injecting and focusing electron beams into the acceleration structure of an 10 MeV linear electron accelerator. The beam injection system consists of a Pierce convergent diode-type electron gun with pulse modulator for power supply and a thin axially symmetric lens. The perveance and the capture coefficient were optimized by the analogical resistors network. This type of injection system… CONTINUE READING

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