Characteristics of the Yuan dynasty: Reflections on several issues from Mongol Yuan history

  title={Characteristics of the Yuan dynasty: Reflections on several issues from Mongol Yuan history},
  author={Zhang Fan},
  journal={Chinese Studies in History},
  pages={51 - 69}
  • Zhang Fan
  • Published 2 January 2018
  • History
  • Chinese Studies in History
Abstract This article discusses the special position the Yuan dynasty (1260-1368) occupied in Chinese history. Of all the dynasties, the Yuan established by the Mongols showed its peculiarity. To borrow Karl Wittfogel’s term, the Yuan was a typical “conquest dynasty.” The historical significance of the Yuan and its predecessor—the Mongol empire (1206-1259) lay in two areas. One was that it ended the conflicts of various ethnic groups on the Mongolian steppe. The other was that it revived the… 
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