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Characteristics of nitrogen forms in the southern Huanghai Sea surface sediments

  title={Characteristics of nitrogen forms in the southern Huanghai Sea surface sediments},
  author={Xiaoxia L{\"u} and Jinming Song and Xiaoni Li and Hua-mao Yuan and Tianrong Zhan and Ning Li and Xuelu Gao},
  journal={Acta Oceanologica Sinica},
The distributions of different forms of nitrogen in the surface sediments of the southern Huanghai Sea are different and affected by various factors. The contents of IEF-N, SOEF-N and TN gradually decrease eastward, and those of SAEF-N northward, while those of WAEF-N westward. Around the seaport of the old Huanghe (Yellow) River, the contents of both SOEF-N and TN are the highest. Among all the factors, the content of fine sediment is the predominant factor to affect the distributions of… Expand
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