Characteristics of auditory brainstem responses in ground squirrels

  title={Characteristics of auditory brainstem responses in ground squirrels},
  author={N. J. Hamill and Michael D. McGinn and John M. Horowitz},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Physiology B},
Auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) were characterized at 37 °C in ground squirrels (Citellus lateralis) which were implanted with recording screws to record ABRs, and a thermistor to record brain temperature. After two weeks ground squirrels were reanesthetized and tone pips and clicks were delivered through a TDH-49 headphone. Recorded ABRs were found to vary in a predictable manner as a function of stimulus frequency and intensity. At intensities above 50 dB SPL, ABRs could be recorded over… CONTINUE READING


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