Characteristics of alumino-humic flocs in relation to DAF performance.

  title={Characteristics of alumino-humic flocs in relation to DAF performance.},
  author={David H Bache and E. Rasool},
  journal={Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research},
  volume={43 8},
This paper examines the implications of pretreatment in the context of the likely behaviour of flocs in DAF units. Evidence indicates that the maximum floc size (dmax) of alumino-humic is scaled by the Kolmogorov length (eta) with dmax/eta approximately 1. A larger ratio exists when polymer is present. Data from the literature suggests that velocity gradient in the inlet chamber may exceed 1000 s-1, suggesting eta approximately 40 microns. This view of the response of floc to shear is supported… CONTINUE READING