Characteristics of a 3-D HTS Actuator With Various Shaped Electromagnets

  title={Characteristics of a 3-D HTS Actuator With Various Shaped Electromagnets},
  author={S. B. Kim and T.. Inoue and Ami Shimizu and J. H. Joo and Sachiko Murase},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity},
We have been investigating a three-dimensional (3-D) superconducting actuator using HTS bulk to develop the transportation device with non-contact and move in free space. Proposed superconducting actuator consists of the stator constructed by two-dimensional arranged electromagnets and HTS bulk superconductor as a mover. The 2-D arranged electromagnets were individually controlled to move the HTS bulk. It is expected that our proposed 3-D superconducting actuator will be useful as a transporter… CONTINUE READING