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Characteristics of InGaAsN-GaAsSb type-II ‘ ‘ W ’ ’ quantum wells

  title={Characteristics of InGaAsN-GaAsSb type-II ‘ ‘ W ’ ’ quantum wells},
  author={Jeng-Hsien Yeha and L. J. Mawsta and A. A. Khandekarb and T. F. Kuechb and I. Vurgaftmanc and J. R. Meyerc and N. Tansud},
InGaAsN-GaAsSb type-II ‘‘W’’ quantum well structures have been grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). Photoluminescence and X-ray diffraction measurements indicate that thin layers (2–2.5 nm) of GaAs1 ySby and InGaAs1 xNx can be grown with compositions of y 1⁄4 0:3 and x 1⁄4 0:02. ‘‘W’’ structures with different N contents indicate that emission wavelengths in the 1.4–1.6 mm range can be achieved. The use of GaAs0.85P0.15 tensile strained barrier layers is found to… 

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