Characteristics of [3H]fentanyl binding to the opiate receptor.

  title={Characteristics of [3H]fentanyl binding to the opiate receptor.},
  author={J W Villiger and Laurence J Ray and K. M. Taylor},
  volume={22 4},
The present study characterises the binding of the highly lipophilic opiate agonist [3H]fentanyl to homogenates of the rat central nervous system. At 25 degrees C, association of [3H]fentanyl with its binding site was rapid (t1/2 = 2.5 min). Dissociation from the binding site was biphasic (t1/2's = 4.0 and 100 min) suggesting the existence of high and low affinity binding sites. Scatchard plots of saturation isotherms were curvilinear, confirming the presence of high (KD = 0.46 nM) and low KD… CONTINUE READING
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