Characteristics and potential climatic significance of ” miniature ice caps ” ( crest-and cornice-type low-altitude ice archives )

  title={Characteristics and potential climatic significance of ” miniature ice caps ” ( crest-and cornice-type low-altitude ice archives )},
  author={Wilfried Haeberli and Regula Frauenfelder},
Long-term ice-core records of Alpine glaciers are usually taken from cold-firn areas at high altitudes, as on Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. Perennial ice bodies at lower altitudes, however, also bear information about the past. Recent findings from the remains of such ice (the Oetztal iceman found in Austria; wooden bows at Lötschen Pass, Switzerland) clearly indicate the hitherto little-recognized fact that small, more-or-less static perennial ice bodies which are cold and frozen to the… CONTINUE READING


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