Characteristics and comparative study of fiveRhizobium meliloti bacteriophages

  title={Characteristics and comparative study of fiveRhizobium meliloti bacteriophages},
  author={Dr. Michel Werquin and Hans W. Ackermann and Roger C. L{\'e}vesque},
  journal={Current Microbiology},
FiveRhizobium meliloti bacteriophages isolated from soil or lysogenic bacteria and belonging to Bradley's group B or theSiphoviridae family of tailed phaes were studied. They are of identical morphology, showing isometric heads and long, noncontractile tails with transverse bars. They are temperate and closely related by host range, DNA restriction endonuclease patterns and homology, DNA mass, serological properties, adsorption velocity, and latent period. However, the phages can be divided… CONTINUE READING
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