Characteristics and clinical correlates of MPL 515W>L/K mutation in essential thrombocythemia.

  title={Characteristics and clinical correlates of MPL 515W>L/K mutation in essential thrombocythemia.},
  author={Alessandro Maria Vannucchi and Elisabetta Antonioli and Paola Guglielmelli and Alessandro Pancrazzi and Vittoria Guerini and Giovanni Barosi and Marco Ruggeri and Giorgina Specchia and Francesco Lo-Coco and Federica Delaini and Laura Villani and Silvia Finotto and Emanuele Ammatuna and Renato Alterini and Valentina Carrai and Gloria Capaccioli and Simonetta di Lollo and Vincenzo Liso and Alessandro Rambaldi and Alberto Bosi and Tiziano Barbui},
  volume={112 3},
Among 994 patients with essential thrombocythemia (ET) who were genotyped for the MPLW515L/K mutation, 30 patients carrying the mutation were identified (3.0%), 8 of whom also displayed the JAK2V671F mutation. MPLW515L/K patients presented lower hemoglobin levels and higher platelet counts than did wild type (wt) MPL; these differences were highly significant compared with MPLwt/JAK2V617F-positive patients. Reduced hemoglobin and increased platelet levels were preferentially associated with the… CONTINUE READING

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MPLW515L / K patients presented reduced total and erythroid bone marrow cellularity , whereas the numbers of megakaryocytes , megakaryocytic clusters , and small - sized megakaryocytes were all significantly increased .
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