Characteristics and applications of adsorbents for pyrogen removal.

  title={Characteristics and applications of adsorbents for pyrogen removal.},
  author={Satoshi Minobe and Takaho Watanabe and Tadashi Sato and Tetsuya Tosa},
  journal={Biotechnology and applied biochemistry},
  volume={10 2},
Characteristics and applications of immobilized histidine and immobilized histamine for pyrogen removal were investigated. Immobilized histidine showed a high affinity for pyrogen at low ionic strength and over a wide pH range. The adsorption capacity was 0.53 mg of lipopolysaccharide per milliliter of the adsorbent. The apparent dissociation constant was 1.57 X 10(-9) M. The adsorption of pyrogen to immobilized histidine decreased with increasing ionic strength, but pyrogen could be adsorbed… CONTINUE READING