Characteristic Dynamic Increment for Extreme Traffic Loading Events on Short and Medium Span Highway Bridges

  title={Characteristic Dynamic Increment for Extreme Traffic Loading Events on Short and Medium Span Highway Bridges},
  author={Eugene J. O'brien and Daniel Cantero and Bernard Enright and Arturo Gonz{\'a}lez},
  journal={Engineering Structures},

Highway Bridge Traffic Loading

Emphasis is given to the promising application of traffic microsimulation to long-span bridge loading, combined with a probabilistic approach based on the extreme value theory, to compute site-specific characteristic loading values.

Dynamic Reliability of Continuous Rigid-Frame Bridges under Stochastic Moving Vehicle Loads

This study evaluated probabilistic dynamic load effects on rigid-frame bridges under highway traffic monitoring loads and demonstrated that the dynamic traffic load effect follows Gaussian distribution, which can be treated as a stationary random process.

Lifetime Deflections of Long-Span Bridges under Dynamic and Growing Traffic Loads

Steady traffic growth may pose a safety hazard to in-service bridges, especially long-span bridges subjected to the simultaneous presence of multiple heavy-duty trucks. This study presents a

Calibration of a Congestion Load Model for Highway Bridges Using Traffic Microsimulation

The calibration of a congested traffic load model using traffic microsimulation is presented, and it is found that the calibrated gaps are either similar to, or are larger than, previous work in the area.

Deflection analysis of long-span girder bridges under vehicle bridge interaction using cellular automaton based traffic microsimulation.

It is discovered from the study that, under the coupling vibration between stochastic traffic stream and bridge, the predicted extreme deflection of the case bridge is far lower than the specified design value, so a grading warning model was established and employed to the analysis of deflection monitoring data of the bridge, showing a wide potential prospect of application.

Simplified vehicle–bridge interaction for medium to long-span bridges subject to random traffic load

This study introduces a simplified model for bridge–vehicle interaction for medium- to long-span bridges subject to random traffic loads that is over 1000 times computationally more efficient when compared to the conventional approach for a 500 m long bridge, with response simulation errors below 0.1%.

Effect of uneven multilane truck loading of multigirder bridges on component reliability

Premature failure of bridge components, caused by heavy trucks, is a major safety concern. Current studies well characterize the integral structural behavior of bridges under realistic stochastic

Bridge Safety Analysis Based on the Function of Exceptional Vehicle Transit Speed

The results show that the probability of encounter increases with both the exceptional vehicles flow rate and the length of the span, whereas it decreases with the passing speed, which suggests the existence of an “Optimal Speed”, which minimizes the “Annual Probability of Failure”.

Characteristics and Dynamic Impact of Overloaded Extra Heavy Trucks on Typical Highway Bridges

In the current study, long-term traffic monitoring data are statistically studied to identify the key characteristics of extra heavy trucks, such as vehicle type, lane distribution, speed, axle weight, axle distance, and the variation of flow rate over time.



Headway modelling for traffic load assessment of short to medium span bridges

Site-specific assessment of the loading to which existing bridges are subject has considerable potential for saving on rehabilitation and replacement costs of the bridge stock. Monte Carlo

Characteristic dynamic traffic load effects in bridges

Dynamic Loading of Bridges

Management of the aging bridge infrastructure is demanding an increased understanding of all aspects of the performance of existing bridges. Loading models are an important consideration in the risk

Site-specific traffic load modelling for bridge assessment

Assessment of highway bridge structures requires accurate prediction of the load effects that a structure may be expected to resist during its required remaining life. Generally, these load effects

A comprehensive traffic load model for bridge safety checking

Live load model for highway bridges


This paper describes how bridges are designed to carry simple standardised traffic loadings, and the origins of these in the UK. It describes how the relationship between load and strength is

Comparison of Bridge Dynamic Amplifications due to Articulated 5-Axle Trucks and Large Cranes

Extremely heavy vehicles are becoming more common on European highways due to the increasing demand for transport of heavy goods. These vehicles require permits from the road authorities to travel

Traffic load modelling and factors influencing the accuracy of predicted extremes

Design and assessment of highway bridges requires accurate prediction of the extreme load effects expected during the proposed or remaining life of the structure. Traditionally these effects are