Characterisation of wheat-rye recombinants with RFLP and PCR probes

  title={Characterisation of wheat-rye recombinants with RFLP and PCR probes},
  author={Peter M Rogowsky and M. E. Sorrels and Kenneth W. Shepherd and Peter Langridge},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
The introgression of genetic material from alien species into wheat has become an important tool in modern wheat breeding. Ideally, only the trait of interest and no flanking material should be transferred. Random recombination between the genetic material is therefore of paramount importance. In a model system, we examined 17 recombinants putatively between chromosome 1D of wheat and 1R of rye with 60 random RFLP and three PCR markers. The recombinants had been generated by removing the normal… CONTINUE READING