Characterisation of the main belt asteroid (223) Rosa. A proposed flyby target of ESA's JUICE mission

  title={Characterisation of the main belt asteroid (223) Rosa. A proposed flyby target of ESA's JUICE mission},
  author={C Avdellidou and Maurizio Pajola and Alice Lucchetti and L. Agostini and Marco Delbo’ and E. Mazzotta Epifani and Jules Bourdelle de Micas and Maxime Devog{\`e}le and Sonia Fornasier and Gerard T. van Belle and Nicolas Bruot and Elisabetta Dotto and Simone Ieva and Gabriele Cremonese and Pasquale Palumbo},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. The ESA JUICE space mission, on its way to study Jupiter’s environment and icy moons, will pass twice through the main asteroid belt. For this reason, the possibility to perform an asteroid flyby has been investigated. Aims. We aim to gain insight into the physical properties of the outer main belt asteroid (223) Rosa, which has been proposed as a potential JUICE flyby target. Methods. We report new visible and near-infrared spectroscopic observations at different rotation phases… 
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Appendix A: Literature data Table A.1. Physical properties of (223) Rosa
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Compilation of literature and new VIS (left) and NIR (right) spectra of Rosa, presented in chronological order. Observations obtained on
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This process builds a map of the quantity
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2019a, Icarus
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