Characterisation of the gene for Drosophila amphiphysin.

  title={Characterisation of the gene for Drosophila amphiphysin.},
  author={Azam Razzaq and Y. C. Su and Jennifer E. Mehren and Kenji Mizuguchi and Andrew P. Jackson and Nicholas J Gay and Cahir J O'Kane},
  volume={241 1},
A sequence similarity search of the Drosophila nucleotide database using vertebrate amphiphysin as a query identified a cDNA that encodes a Drosophila amphiphysin. The predicted protein has conserved sequence domains that should enable it to dimerise and bind to dynamin. Structural modelling suggests that the Src-homology-3 (SH3) domains of vertebrate and Drosophila amphiphysins are highly similar, supporting the putative ability of the latter to bind dynamin. However, the fly amphiphysin shows… CONTINUE READING


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