Characterisation of six alpha-expansin genes in Gossypium hirsutum (upland cotton).

  title={Characterisation of six alpha-expansin genes in Gossypium hirsutum (upland cotton).},
  author={Stacey Harmer and Sharon J. Orford and Jeremy N. Timmis},
  journal={Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG},
  volume={268 1},
A genomic library screen and PCR-based strategies were employed to isolate six genes with sequence similarity to a cotton fibre-specific mRNA encoding an alpha-expansin. alpha-Expansins are cell wall proteins that facilitate cell wall extension by disruption of non-covalent bonds between wall components. The characterisation and expression analysis of these six novel genes ( GhExp1-GhExp6) is described. Four of them ( GhExp3- GhExp6) are expressed within multiple tissues of the cotton plant and… CONTINUE READING

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