Characterisation of projectiles composed of depleted uranium.

  title={Characterisation of projectiles composed of depleted uranium.},
  author={Roy C P{\"o}ll{\"a}nen and Tarja K. Ik{\"a}heimonen and Seppo Klemola and V P Vartti and K Vesterbacka and S Ristonmaa and Tapani Honkamaa and Petri Sipil{\"a} and Ilkka Jokelainen and Antti Kosunen and Riitta Zilliacus and Marjo Kettunen and Matti Hokkanen},
  journal={Journal of environmental radioactivity},
  volume={64 2-3},
Projectiles suspected to be composed of depleted uranium (DU) were found in Kosovo. Their properties were analysed using alpha and gamma ray spectrometry, mass spectrometry and electron microscopy. They were found to be composed of DU with small amounts of other elements such as Ti. 236U was detected in the penetrators, reflecting the use of reprocessed fuel. No transuranium elements were detected. The typical external dose rate meter is not the best option for mapping the location of… CONTINUE READING