Characterisation of paracetamol form III with rapid-heating DSC.

  title={Characterisation of paracetamol form III with rapid-heating DSC.},
  author={Simon Gaisford and Asma B. M. Buanz and Nadya Jethwa},
  journal={Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis},
  volume={53 3},
Form III is the most unstable polymorph of paracetamol discovered and has not been fully characterized. Its instability in air means that it must be formed in situ in whichever instrument is used for analysis and even its melting point is the subject of discussion, because it undergoes a solid-solid conversion to form II when heated. The recent development of rapid-heat differential scanning calorimetry (RHDSC), which offers heating rates up to 2000 degrees C/min, provides a new opportunity to… CONTINUE READING