Characterisation of grafted weak anion-exchange methacrylate monoliths.

  title={Characterisation of grafted weak anion-exchange methacrylate monoliths.},
  author={Vida Frankovic and Ale{\vs} Podgornik and Nika Lendero Krajnc and Franc Smrekar and Peter Krajnc and Ale{\vs} {\vS}trancar},
  journal={Journal of chromatography. A},
  volume={1207 1-2},
A weak ion-exchange grafted methacrylate monolith was prepared by grafting a methacrylate monolith with glycidyl methacrylate and subsequently modifying the epoxy groups with diethylamine. The thickness of the grafted layer was determined by measuring permeability and found to be approximately 90nm. The effects of different buffer solutions on the pressure… CONTINUE READING