Characterisation of Upd2, a Drosophila JAK/STAT pathway ligand.

  title={Characterisation of Upd2, a Drosophila JAK/STAT pathway ligand.},
  author={James Castelli-Gair Hombr{\'i}a and Stephen Brown and Sabine H{\"a}der and Martin P Zeidler},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={288 2},
The characterisation of ligands that activate the JAK/STAT pathway has the potential to throw light onto a comparatively poorly understood aspect of this important signal transduction cascade. Here, we describe our analysis of the only invertebrate JAK/STAT pathway ligands identified to date, the Drosophila unpaired-like family. We show that upd2 is expressed in a pattern essentially identical to that of upd and demonstrate that the proteins encoded by this region activate JAK/STAT pathway… CONTINUE READING